Blissfire Ecstatic Dance


A Guided Conscious Clubbing Experience

Next Event Friday 12th November

7.00 – 8.30 pm


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Blissfire Ecstatic Trance Dance with Cacao

Enter in to a sacred space…. Transform and explore…. Expand your consciousness…. Feel more liberated in your mind and body…. Honor yourself… be creative…. be free… be who you really want to be!!

Blissfire Ecstatic trance dance is movemnet medicine for mind, body and soul. The practice enables, energizes and integrates you, establishing a re connection with your inner essence and intution.



Blissfire Guided Conscious Clubbing Experience expands human potential and develops community building.

Blissfire is held at The Marion Centre, Rookwood Close, Llandaff, Cardiff, CF5 2NR.

Spaces are limited and fill up quickly so early booking is advised.

Join us, it is a lot of fun! No experience necessary. Through each stage of the evevings workshop we will be channelling the energy of the five elements in a guided process. This music is carefully selected to guide you through a empowering and transformative workshop.

Opening Circle – Heart Opening Meditation

The evening is started with a sacred opening ceremony where Gaia will be guiding you through a Heart opening, kundalinini Bliss meditation.

Slow Stretching Flowing Dance – Element of Water

Chanelling the element of water as we begin become to cleanse ourselves and get the energy in the body flowing freely
We begin with a warm up to open yourself up to the evenings dance and get your energy flowing freely!

Manifestation Dance – Element of Fire

Channelling the element of fire, which is transforming and creative we dance our way towards achieving our desired manifestation, movement is energy and this combined with feeling the burning desire for our goal being achieved, visualization and gratitude is a powerful combination for getting great results. Every step you take during the dance is a step closer towards completing your manifestation!

Ecstatic Free style Dance – Element Of Air

Channelling the element of air, move swiftly, breaking open your inner storehouse of creativity. Focusing on positive change and motivation. This is a free style Ecstatic dance, moving your body, letting it be free, allowing it to come home and connect with your inner self.

Shamanic Trance Dance – Element of Earth

Channelling the Earth Element, here we are strengthening our foundations, becoming grounded, embodied, nourished and strong. Reclaiming our power and vital energy force. This is an Eyes shut dance with an intention, done on yoga mats using Breath of Fire breathing technique. Free yourself. Dance like no one is watching, because no one will be! Dive deeply in to yourself, establishing a re connection. Allow life force to flow through you, as you come back to your body.

After this you will feel buzzing and energized and glow like never before! A short grounding of energy visualization technique follows, This is a time of integration, where mind, body and soul come together and process the dance. Here we drop to the ground, surrendering and being in the moment.

Heart Opening Meditation Circle – Fifth Element

Channelling the Fifth Element we join hands for a transformational circle. Listening to a guided heart opening meditation we will be connecting with the primal source of energy that imbues all things and our oneness and connection with all that is.





Bookings are non refundable.


Short Bio

Gaia Evalyn Love is an experienced workshop facilitator and holistic therapist, she has been hosting workshops and healing sessions for over ten years and is extremely passionate about dancing, creativity and freedom of expression through movement. Join her in a journey of movement that will empower you to discover you true potential. Blissfire Ecstatic Trance Dance with Cacao has been designed for an ecstatic blissful experience that leaves you feeling energized grounded and balanced.

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12th November