Rune Readings At Yurt In The City



Runes are ancient symbols originating from Northern Europe that are used as tools of communication, divination and power. Norse and Germanic people’s wrote runes since at the least the first century however the origin of the runes is thought to be much more ancient and have even been found at The Bosnian Pyramids which are thousands of years old. Runes can also be used in Magic Spells for protection.

The Runic symbols hail from the well of Urd which is the source of fate – The Norns Yrd, Verdani who are powerful and primordial feminine beings of destiny which represent past, present and future. The Norns used the runes to carry the fate of peoples up the world tree or Yggdrassil and in to the nine worlds.

The Elder Futhark is one of the oldest known form of runic alphabet which comprises of 24 runes, divided into three groups of eight, each of which attributed to a Norse God Freyr’s ætt, Heimdall’s ætt and Tyr’s ætt.

Runes are often carved in wood and cast on a white cloth in an East to West Axis. By learning to understand the runes, we can channel their energies and gain great wisdom and power.

Gaia Evalyn Love of Earth Heart Shamanism gives one hour Rune Readings at Yurt In The City, Cardiff. Gaia is a Clairvoyant Intuitive Empath who will be able to give you an in depth reading regarding your question using the Celtic Cross Rune spread. Shamanic Cards are also used after the rune reading to give a greater understanding of the question. A one hour Rune Reading with Gaia is £49. Please contact her to book in.