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Welcome! Earth Heart Shamanism UK is an educational organisation and a source of Shamanic Teachings offering Workshops held over weekends. Our Shamanism Courses and workshops are held at Spiritual Venues, Outdoor Locations and Online.

Remember who you are! Many of us have become detached from the Earth and our true heart centred nature. The aim of Earth Heart shamanism UK is to reconnect people with their true Earth Heart. This leads you to become filled with creative essence and power and restores vitality and flow back in to your life.

Come and Explore your Primal Natural Connection to the earth through mankind's most ancient form of Spiritual Practice with Earth Heart Shamanism. Experience the Nourishment of Heart Focused Earth Based Shamanic Practices and Teachings which gain you Knowledge, Healing, Spiritual Self-Development and Physical Mastery.

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Shamanism is the oldest form of Spiritual Practice that has existed for hundreds of thousands of years all over the world. The Ancient ways of Shamanism are ingrained deep with our psyche and are very powerful. Through shamanic practices the spiritual world and your higher self may be contacted through the inner senses in ecstatic trance. Shamans are the keepers of ancient techniques that are used to maintain energetic synergy and balance within themselves and their communities. In shamanism the maintenance of one’s personal power is of great importance to ones well being as well as building connection to spirit guides and helpers which are communicated with during ecstatic trance and Shamanic Journeying.

As we are at an ever increasing need for personal and planetary healing, we find that more and more people are finding their way back on the path of shamanism, finding their roots and their way back home. Shamanic practices and Shamanic Healing enable you to have the ultimate powers over your own life and the power to help others. In addition to this Shamanic Ways show you how to connect with all of creation.

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The workshops and Shamanism practitioner courses we offer are life changing. They contain an abundance of theoretical and practical knowledge which will enhance the quality of your life. Shamanism is highly self experiential and involves gaining knowledge and understanding through direct revelation. Earth Heart Shamanism offers you a great mental and emotional adventure, our practitioner courses and workshops are highly rewarding which contain mostly practical teachings with some theory.

Earth Heart Shamanism Wales welcomes you to join our transformative workshops and training courses which are held online and in the physical world.



Shamanic Healing

Shamanic Healing is the most ancient spiritual healing tradition in the world and it is still in use today

Native American Medicine Wheel or Sacred Hoop formed from stones on the ground

Shamanic Workshops

Our Shamanic Workshops are held in a beautiful Mongolian Yurt or privately owned woods


Blissfire Ecstatic Dance

A Guided Conscious Clubbing Experience to reconnect with your inner self

Hi, I’m Gaia Evalyn love, Shamanic Practitioner and founder of Earth Heart Shamanism. I teach Shamanic and Ecstatic dance  Workshops. My focus is on empowerment through earth based ecstatic practices and ancient techniques that create positive transformation within people's lives. I am also the founder of The Wellness Show https://www.thewellnessshow.co.uk/ 


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