The Way of the Shaman


Saturday November 20th

10 am – 4pm


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This Workshop is no longer available  to book.


Welcome. Come join us for a Powerful & transformational Experience with this Shamanic Day Workshop – The Way Of The Shaman, coming up soon on Saturday November 20th,  10 am – 4 pm at Yurt In The City, Cardiff.

Explore your primal natural connection to the Earth through mankind’s oldest form of spiritual practice, Shamanism.

Earth Heart Shamanism aims to reconnect people with their true Earth Heart. Restoring vitality and flow back in to your life, creative essence, and power.

Experience the nourishment of heart focused community building and Earth based shamanic practices and teachings which gain you knowledge, healing, spiritual self-development and mastery.

This is an intensive One Day workshop designed to give you an overview of some of the core teachings of Shamanism and Shamanic Techniques. The Workshop is being held at a beautiful sacred space at Yurt In The City Cardiff. The address of Yurt In The City is Meanwhile House, Curran Embankment, Cardiff, CF10 5DY, which is a few minutes walk from Cardiff central train station. There is free parking in front of the metal fence outside the building.


Early Booking is advised as there are limited spaces availiable.


This workshop will include


Opening Ceremony

Talk on Shamanism and Shamanic Practices

Shamanic Breathwork and Transformational Meditation

Talk On Working With Shamanic Guides

Guided Shamanic Journey to the Lower World to meet and merge with your Shamanic Power Animal

Lunch Break

Shamanic Manifestation Techniques

Guided Journey to the Upper World to meet with your Human Spirit Guide to receive Spiritual Guidance & Divination

Closing Ceremony


Entry is £45. Book in via my website button above. Bookings are non refundable.


Really looking forward to it!


Gratitude & Bright Blessings


Gaia Evalyn Love


Earth Heart Shamanism