Tribal Transformation


Wednesday September 27th

7.30pm – 9pm

No Spaces Available



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Welcome. Come join us for a Powerful Healing Experience with this Tribal Transformation – Shamanic Workshop! There are just a few spaces left now!

Tribal Transformation is being held on Wednesday September 27th, – 9.30pm at the Avalon Community Centre in Glastonbury.

Come and Explore your Primal Natural Connection to the Earth through humankind’s oldest form of Spiritual Practice, Shamanism.

Earth Heart Shamanism aims to reconnect people with their true Earth Heart. Restoring Vitality and Flow back into your life, Creative Essence, and Power.

Experience the Nourishment of Heart Focused Community Building and Earth Based Shamanic Practices and Teachings which gain you Knowledge, Healing, Spiritual Self-development and Mastery.

Tribal Transformation Workshop is designed to give you an Empowering and Healing Experience through Shamanic practices and teachings.

Workshop Overview

Opening Ceremony – Guided Heart Opening Meditation

Introductions Sharing Circle

Shamanic Drumming Circle – Consciousness Activation Chanting and Earth Songs

Five Elements Trance Dance where you will be Channeling the Energy of the Five Elements in a Guided Transformational Process

Tribal Dance Group Circle Movement Exercises

Sharing Circle

Guided Meditation – Closing Ceremony


Please bring a Shamanic Drum And Rattle if you have them. Also a sacred item to place on the altar (which you will bring back home with you).


It’s just £13 pounds to book in. Upon receiving your Booking your space will be fully reserved.


Really looking forward to it! 


Gratitude & Bright Blessings


Gaia Evalyn Love


Earth Heart Shamanism