Shamanic Practitioner Online Course


The Shamanic Practitioner Online Course includes everything you need to become a Shamanic Practitioner and is accredited by the International Practitioners Of Holistic Medicine.

The course is a mixture of reading and video based teachings and meditations with exercises to complete. The course consists of 9 Modules which can be found below in more detail.


Module 1

What is Shamanism
Becoming A Shamanic Practitioner
Shamanic Journeying & Cosmology
Creating Sacred Space and Calling In The Directions
Shamanic Ceremony & Ritual
Shamanic Tools
Daily Power Practices

Module 2

Humans History and Relationship with Animals
Power Animals & Animal Guides
How to meet with your Power Animal, Spirit Guide Animal and Shadow Animal
Human Spirit Guides/Shamanic Teachers In Human Form
Storytelling and Shamanism