What is Shamanic Drumming?

Shamanism & Drumming

Shamanism is a very ancient practice that humans developed as a spiritual tradition for their empowerment and well-being. One of the most important tools of the shaman is the Shamanic Drum. The shaman is a technician of ecstasy and its drum serves as an instrument of attunement. The drumming uses a repetitive rhythm that builds slowly and works up to three to seven beats every second that works out at around 180 beats per minute. After around ten to fifteen minutes of listening to such rhythmic drumming human brain waves change their usual beta state to a more Theta/Alpha brainwave state.



In this brainwave a connection to made to the unseen realms and the human becomes more open receiving psychic impression, imprints and messages from the spirit world as well as being more connected to the human subconscious. This is also what is known as an ecstatic trance state. In this ecstatic trance state the shaman is able to journey to other worlds to obtain guidance, healing, future divination and shape shifting. A Shamanic Practitioner may have to pass through several layers of trance states until the required trance state is achieved for healing and until the shaman feels the helping spirits have been contacted, communicate with and are doing their work though the shaman. The shaman acts as a conduit and or what is call ‘the hollow bone’ through which its helping spirits can channel their healing power through.

Shamanic Healing through Drumming

We are beginning to realize now more and more the importance of sound healing and quantum physics, science now tells us that the universe is made up of sound and vibration energy, therefore a person can be positively influenced by the power of shamanic drumming. Indeed the first sound that we hear for nine months of our lives in the womb is the rhythmic beat of our mother’s heartbeat. Rhythmic healing is certainly very real and the shaman is able to influence the person they are healing or a particular issue within the community by using the vibration frequency of the shamanic drum.


Shamanic Drumming creates left and right hemisphere synchronization in your brain, this allows you to access your entire brain actually making you smarter. This synchronization also connects you with your intuition and inner guidance system bringing forth a better quality of life. In addition to this drumming also activates certain parts of the brain that lead to a greater sense of self-awareness, insight and certainty. Furthermore as mentioned previously Shamanic drumming changes the brainwave state to more a Theta/Alpha State in this brainwave state you feel more calm and relaxed and feel an increased sense of well being. These brainwave states are associated with meditation and other spiritual practices.


Many people report vast health benefits from Shamanic Drumming physically and mentally some examples include management of chronic pain, boots immune system, creates feeling of euphoria and connectedness, releases negative feeling, paves the way for transformation and puts you in the present moment.

Shamanism, Ritual & Drumming

At the beginning of a shamanic ritual the drum is usually struck in certain ways to signify calling in of the helping spirits, for example the drum may be struck at its North, East, south and Western points to signify calling in of the directions. Other factors that play an important role in shamanic ritual performance are rhythm, tempo, volume and timbre. Different rhythms can transmit different meanings and their contact different helping spirits. The volume and tempo communicate different meaning to the listener, for example the call back from a shamanic journey involves three slow beats then a fast paced call back as well as the beginning of a ritual or journey may have a certain sequence of drumming.