What is a Shamanic Journey?

Journeying –  A Core Shamanic Process

All ancient civilizations and cultures had the knowledge and understanding that there are hidden unseen worlds in different dimensions or planes of existence. Communication with the spirit world for guidance and healing was an accepted part of culture and still is in many cultures today.

Entering such Non Ordinary Reality or NOR realms is done is a shamanic state of consciousness. This means that the brain has shifted consciousness and entered theta brainwave through listening to monotonous drumming or rattling at around 200 beats per minute. Dancing is also great accompaniment to this and is also useful at altering consciousness. However a skilled shaman can enter the trance state through the power of his or her will without the sound of drumming.

The journey typically starts with six slow beats to call the six directions of spirits, invocations are offered to the six directions  and then a monotonous drumming starts at around 150 beats per minute, when the journey is finished the shaman then uses four slow beats for the call the  speeds up to faster drumming at around 220 beats per minute.

The Three Worlds

Journeying is an essential skill in relation to all shamanic work, in an altered state of consciousness the shaman travels within three worlds. the upper, middle the lower. This is to predict the future, heal and receive knowledge. Journeying can be compared to astral travel, conscious dreaming and remote viewing. Journeying is a process of travelling within up and down the Axis Mundi or World Tree ‘riding the drum’ to in to NOR.


The shamanic worlds are independent and real and are linked to our collective consciousness. By shifting into a trance state and travelling there you see and experience things relevant to your own consciousness. It is useful to practice visualization regularly in order to build up the imaginative and intuitive faculties, which help you in having a successful journeying.

Shamanic Healing & Journeying

The lower world is primarily to for healing and it is here that one can meet animal spirit guides, totems and spirit helpers. These guides and helpers are there to help you evolve your own consciousness and those of others. It is the most commonly visited shamanic world and its landscapes tend to be nature such as forests, lakes, and deserts. Entrance to this world is commonly through some sort of natural opening in the earth such as a hole or cave, or by going downwards. The middle world is the non-ordinary version of this world and reality, it looks just like this world but it is the energetic imprint of, this world can be entered horizontally though a door or natural opening.  Some reasons to Journey to the middle world include soul retrieval, environmental healing as well as distance healing for someone else. The upper world is a light ethereal and spiritual place and is the home of ancestors, mentors, ascended masters, mentors and mythological beings. This shamanic world is usually entered by going up, such as in a tornado or climbing a beanstalk.

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