Terms & Conditions

  1. Any Refund Request for The Online Shamanic Practitioner Course must be made within two weeks of receiving the Course Access Details any Refund Requests made after this two week period are not possible.
  2. In order to secure your place on this year long Practitioner course a non refundable deposit of £495 is to be paid through paypal or via bacs transfer (details given upon request)
  3. We advise students to get cancellation insurance to protect against loss in the event of illness, injury, jury service and other difficulties preventing the completion of a Practitioner One such company is cancel sure their telephone number is 0345 071 3929.
  4. In order to secure your place on any workshop full payment is required through paypal or via bacs transfer (details given upon request)
  5. Any amount paid for a weekend workshop is non refundable.
  6. If for any reason a student is not accepted on to a practitioner course the deposit will be refunded.
  7. If for any reason a student is not accepted on a weekend workshop the full amount will be refunded.
  8. Students are to complete an application form for the Practitioner Course and weekend workshop.
  9. Course fees are to be paid in full two weeks before the start of the course start date or by installments by either post-dated cheques or by standing order. Installments will continue until full course fees have been paid.
  10. Should a student decide to leave a practitioner course or workshop the payment they have made for it will not be refunded.
  11. In order for the student gain practitioner qualification students must attend all dates of the course, in certain exceptional circumstances the student may arrange for missed day(s) to be made up.
  12. Students are to be in normal health mentally having no serious mental health issues such as psychosis or schizophrenia that could detriment participation in the course or a weekend workshop.
  13. Students are responsible for their own well-being and must inform the teacher of physical or mental health issues during the course or a workshop.
  14. All students must respect the other course participants regardless of race, colour, creed or sex and will respect any values that may be different from their own.
  15. All students must keep confidentiality with the group in regards to others personal information.
  16. Any written course or workshop materials given out are under copyright and are not to be written elsewhere.
  17. Should difficulties arise with another member of the group Tutor Gaia Evalyn Love must be informed for resolution.
  18. Working With The Tree Spirits Bookings are Non – Refundable. If the date is changed due to weather your entry is transferred to a future Working With The Tree Spirits Workshop Date the next one will be on Sunday August 18th.Alternatively your entry can be transferred to a any other future Earth Heart Shamanism Day Workshop. Or to a one hour Shamanic Healing at Yurt In The City or a one hour skype Shamanic Training & Rune Reading.
  19. Earth Heart Fire Circle Bookings are non refundable, if the date is postponed due to weather your entry will be transferred to the rearranged date or a future Earth Heart Fire Circles date. Circles happen monthly. If you cant not make any future Earth Heart Shamanism Fire Circle dates your entry is transferred to a twenty minute online Psychic Rune reading and Shamanic Mentoring using Skype, WhatsApp or Facetime video.


Earth Heart Shamanism enforces all known safety methods in relation this course and will not be held liable for any assumed damage that is deemed to occur at any time.

I confirm that I have read, understood and agree to abide by Earth Heart Shamanism course booking terms and conditions and disclaimer and that the above information I have given is true and correct.  I hereby state that I, or any persons acting on my behalf, will not hold or claim against Earth Heart Shamanism, or any of its tutors or estates for any damages assumed or otherwise for any conditions, be it emotional, mental, spiritual, physical or financial relating to my training at Earth Heart Shamanism.