Shamanism & Soul Retreival

Shamanic Healing & Soul Retrieval


The ancient art of soul retrieval is a phenomenally important shamanic healing process that causes the return of the recipient’s life force or soul. The most significant soul loss can occur in childhood through some sort of trauma or abuse, however it is also possible to experience soul loss in adulthood. In childhood the individual has not built a current frame of reference or understanding at such an age therefore they are more greatly affected. For this reason it can also lead to an unconscious attracting of traumatic incidents in to adulthood. However once the soul part or parts are returned unconscious patterns of re attracting trauma are dissolved and transmuted.

The soul part leaves the body or disassociates in order to protect itself from the pain, be it emotional, mental or physical. In some cases after the event has occurred this soul part is able to return. By returning that vital essence through the Shamanic Healing technique know as Soul Retrieval the person is more powerful and able to function more effectively. Much psychic energy is spent unconsciously searching for these soul parts so when they are returned the person feels more energized and whole.

Unresolved traumatic incidents are not the only cause of soul loss though, its possible for a person unknowingly to steal another persons soul parts or give their own away. Some common symptoms of soul loss is a feeling of disconnection and incompleteness, chronic depression, feeling like an outsider, not feeling fully like an adult, fully grounded within their body, addictions and grief.

Shamanic Practitioner Soul Retrieval Session

A Shamanic Practitioner who is experienced in shamanic healing can perform a Soul Retrieval. During the Shamanic Healing soul retrieval process the Shamanic Practitioner moves into an altered state of consciousness to travel in to non ordinary reality to retrieve the lost part of the soul with the help of its spirits guides and helpers. Often the shaman will have to reassure the lost soul part to return and recognize its pain. The Shamanic Practitioner then safely carries the soul part safely back to our world and blows it in to the head and or heart of the recipient.


The integration of the returned soul part is a very important process, the person will experience the pain of the split off part and it is important to honor and process that. There is certain follow up work required to properly integrate the recovered soul energy. After a soul retrieval a person will experience many benefits such as increased vitality and vigor, enhanced quality if life, the restoration and reclaiming of the self. Which in turn gives greater motivation and power to live life to the full. Furthermore a balancing and flowing of energy in the body.


The process of Soul Retrieval also can extend to retrieval of the land’s soul or mother Earth’s soul from pollution, damage or war, in addition to this a physical body part for example one that was injured or operated on, past life soul retrieval, retrieval of cellular memory to repair damaged DNA as well as journeying forward to retrieve an alternate future destiny for the soul.

Restoration of Personal Power

Mending the fragmented self and recognizing and restoring lost soul parts as well as recognizing and restoring shadow aspects is key to restoration of one energy field and personal power. The maintenance and restoration of one personal power is one of the key functions of the shaman. Other powerful shamanic healing techniques include extraction, dispossession, intrusion removal and entity or spirit attachment removal.


Many years ago I received some soul retrieval by a powerful shaman and my life was changed forever. I felt truly whole, grounded and able to function properly as an adult. My appearance even slightly changed! When the soul part was returned I did experience an integration for a few minutes however the after effects I experienced were worth it. It was from the experience that I began to start My Shamanic Training and eventually became a Practitioner and Teacher of Shamanism.

Shamanism Training Wales, UK

Earth Heart Shamanism Wales offers Shamanic Training in the UK and Shamanic Healing in Soul Retrieval. This is held at a beautiful Mongolian yurt at Yurt in the City, Cardiff by Shamanic Practitioner and Teacher Gaia Love.