Shamanism & Power Animals

What are Power Animals?

Through entering a meditative trance state the shaman is able to travel to other worlds in non-ordinary reality to connect and build relationships with guides and helpers. The trance state involves the shaman being in a Alpha/Theta Brainwave, in this brainwave the conscious mind is more easily able to receive messages and psychic impressions from the subconscious mind.

Shamanic Power animals are guides and helpers for the shaman, during a shamanic healing the shaman becomes whats known as ‘the hollow bone’ and acts as conduit of healing powered by spirit guides and helpers. The shamans power is directly connected and related to their relationship with shamanic power animals.

Through shamanism training one is able to learn a shamanic method known as journeying. This involves getting in a trance state through repetitive drumming and travelling to one of the three shamanic worlds, the upper, middle and the lower.

Power animals are mostly likely to be a mammals, birds, fish or insects and are never domesticated. These animal allies live in the lower world, which has mostly nature landscapes such as jungle, desert, forest, ocean and lakes. A power animal is essentially a guardian spirit, when acquiring you power animal it is important to remember that they represent and protect their entire species, therefore by having that guardian animal you are drawing upon the collective entire power of the species. A shaman does not choose the power animal, rather the animal spirit selects the shaman.

What Power Animals Do

The power animal offers protection, guardianship and guidance and is of great assistance during shamanic healing processes. For example a shamanic practitioner clears entities, attached spirits, blocked negative energies from the recipient and therefore it is vital that the shaman has protection in order to be able to safely conduct healing sessions. The shaman offers the spirit guide devotion and respect in exchange for this.

These animal allies also enable us to heal problematic relationships, achieve challenging goals, receive healing and guidance or find lost objects. Building relationships with these power animals through Shamanism Training and Journeying is a very personal and self-experimental experience. Often the person doing the journey can only make the interpretation of its messages from guides, as it is in direct relevance with your personal intentions and inner energies.

Guardian animal spirits are always beneficial and you possess the power animal it never possesses you. Your power animal and allies guide and protect you on your journeys and you build relationships with them like you build relationships with new friends, it takes time. You can send your power animal to far away places to heal, help or counsel others using the power animals’ energy. It is possible to have many power animals or just one, we get out first power animal at birth. As a persons vibration changes they may then will naturally acquire a new power animal. It is important to pay respect and build a mutual relationship or respect and reverence in exchange for guidance and protection from the power animal.

Shamanism Training Wales UK

Earth Heart Shamanism Wales offers Shamanism Practitioner Training in the UK as well as weekend workshops by Shamanic Practitioner and Teacher Gaia Love. These are held in a stunning Mongolian Yurt at Yurt in the City, Cardiff.