What are Shamanic Healing Practices? Part 2

Spirit Extraction & Entity Removal

Spirit extraction involves removing harming energies that have developed in the client’s energetic body. These blockages and intrusions stop the natural flow in the body which can cause physical or mental health issues. A person who has holes in their aura or who has had addictions or persistent negative thought can attract entities and wayward spirits to attach to their them. Spirit Extraction and Entity/Wayward Spirit Attachment removal uses Shamanic journeying and energy work to heal the client.


Ancestral Healing

We are intrinsically linked to our ancestors through complex codes in our DNA that carry the emotional imprints, trauma and karmic patterns. We carry in our bodies the pain and grief of our ancestors, this is why traits can become energetic imprints in the energy field and repeat themselves. For examples incest, addiction or poor health passed down through generations. By clearing the negative ancestral imprints we heal ourselves, our ancestors before and relatives that will be born after us. This shamanic healing technique uses a variety of methods such as energy healing, soul retrieval, extraction and spirit releasing of dead relatives.

Energy Healing

This involves using spirit energy otherwise known as reiki or chi to aura repair, Cord Cutting, Curse Removal, Psychic attack removal, Chakra balance and the remove any emotional imprints and blockages within the charkas, in relation to negative belief traits, traumas or negative karmic imprints from our ancestors. 



Land Healing/Psycopomp

Often land that has had great trauma becomes haunted that requires healing, this involves psycopomp which is releasing stuck spirits their and guiding them to the other side. Conducting a grief ritual to release stuck energy. Terra pomp, which is sending energies such as curses, negative thought forms or entities back down to the earth. Other techniques used are a soul retrieval restoring the spirit of the place as well as transmutation and energy field balancing.


House Clearing

A House Clearing involves removing any stuck intrusive energies that exist in the house, be it an attached wayward spirit of someone who passed as way in the house or a negative energy imprint that has built up over time. For example if new inhabitants of a house found themselves becoming angrier since they moved in; it may well be that the previous tenants had angry arguments and fights there previously. This would involve Shamanic Extraction, Land Energy Healing, Psycompomp and transmutation.