What are Shamanic Healing Practices? Part 1

What is Shamanic Healing?


Shamanism is one of mankind’s most ancient methods for healing and empowerment. To conduct a healing the shaman goes through a shift in consciousness from beta to theta brainwave and is able to connect and communicate with spirit helpers and become a conduit for great healing power. The shaman uses several sacred shamanic tool items in order to assist them with their healing processes, the most important one of these is the drum, also the shaman uses a rattle, sage or paolo santo.  In addition to this other items scared to the shaman ar used  such as rocks, crystals, totems, talismans or wands of which the shaman has imbued with power and helping spirits.

There are several different healing methods that a shaman may use to restore the client restore their clients power and bring them back to balance energetically with the energy flowing as it should throughout the body.

Power Animal Retrieval


Journeying to retrieve a client’s power animal is one of the most common reasons for a shamanic healing. This power animal helps to restore the client back to balance energetically. Each power animal serves its own meaning and purpose, for example Eagle is commonly associated with guidance and clarity of vision where as Bear with standing your ground. Power animals offer guidance and protection and are of great assistance to the shaman for his or her own personal healing or in healing others. Power animal energy is useful to help bring you back to balance and is particularly useful during time of distress or vulnerability. The shaman travels to the lower world through a process known as journeying and in a state of ecstatic trance, communicates with the spirit world to retrieve and merge the power animal with the client.


Soul Retrieval


During times of great distress when the pain is too much to handle for the conscious mind, a part of our vital essence or soul can split or fragment off. This is a much more likely occurrence as a child as there is no frame of reference and therefore the trauma affects them a lot more than it would an adult. However soul fragmentation is still possible as an adult during traumatic experiences. The lost soul part can be found in the middle world which is very similar to this reality at the scene of trauma although or can also be retrieved else where in the middle or lower world. When a person has lost soul part(s) it can cause them to feel disconnected, ungrounded, confused, depleted of energy or have health issues both mental and physical. After the soul part is returning it’s important to take certain steps to integrate and honor the lost soul part. The person benefits greatly from the lost soul part being returned in many ways and is able to function better in general.

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