Psychic Protection Techniques and Aura Maintenance

Personal Power

A big part of what shamanism represents in the maintenance of personal power. By implementing psychic protection techniques as well as Auric Hygiene you will feel a lot more, grounded, whole and energized and able to retain and build upon your personal power.

Psychic Attack

If you have quarreled or have an issue with someone or they have with you and they are sending you angry thoughts, these are real energies that can have a detrimental effect on you, it can make you feel drained, on edge, recurrent negative thoughts, nightmares, chills where the body hair stands on end and a feeling of being watched. Even though we cant see these harmful energies coming off someone or something, these energies are very real and affect us in this reality. Such negative energies can be projected from people, or even objects and places can carry a residual energy from events that have happened there, for examples a empty building that used to be a mental hospital or a war zone

Psychic Web Connecting Us All

Psychic attacks can be from friends, family, colleagues, associates and even people you have never met. The more energy behind the psychic attack the worse the affects can be, certainly someone who is psychically developed any way and skilled in the art of black magic or voodoo could cause someone serious harm. Distance means noting in terms of energy, someone could be thinking bad thoughts about us on the other side of the world and it would affect us just as much as if they were close by. This is because we at the very basic atom level all one and interconnected in a great web of life.

Auric Health

There are several different things that can cause holes in your aura such as drug use, addictions, traumas, abuse, soul fragmentation and psychic attack. Having a fully charged aura that has no holes or tears is one of the best ways to protect yourself from such a psychic attacks as well as entities or attached spirits. Is important to stay grounded, get enough sleep and a proper diet that has nutrition rather than relying on supplements. When we look after our own body and are in a high vibrational and healthy state, we naturally project our own force field around us that protects us from negative energies and attacks.


How to Cleanse Yourself From Psychic Attacks


An important way to cleanse yourself and your aura is by spending time in nature which cleanses and cleans our Auric field, other ways are smudging with white sage, copal, tibetan incense or paolo Santo, bathing and foot bathing in Epsom salts. Certain crystals are useful for the absorption and protection from negative energies such as Black Obsidian and Black Tourmaline. You may also have spirit guides that you call on for assistance to remove psychic attack and psychic cords. Psychic cords are invisible cords connected to you and other person that if negative drain you of energy. Also it useful when going in to crowded places to intentionally bring your aura in around your body and imagine and imprenatable eneru field, like a force field around the body.

Making The Right Choices For Our Personal Growth

It is also important to think about the kind of people you are mixing with, whether they are on the same level of vibration as you or higher. If we mix with people of a much lower vibration on a regular basis it can ‘bring us down to their level’, alternatively if we spend time with people of a higher vibration they can raise us up. Often this can be difficult for some people as they do not choose their colleagues or family but we can choose our friends.


Making the right choices in life in terms of the evolution of your own consciousness is of paramount importance, take a moment to think are you living the live aligned with you higher self and dreams and do you have the right people around you to support your personal growth?

Shamanic Healing And Psychic Attack

During a Shamanic Healing the shaman enters the trance state and travels to non-ordinary worlds communicate with spirit guides and begin the healing process of any tears of holes in the human aura field. Shamanism and Shamanic healing are highly effective in protecting you from psychic attack and the maintenance of your personal power and Auric field.