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July 9th 2024


Welcome Join us for this Earth Heart Shamanism - Online Certified Shamanic Practitioner Course being launched soon on July 9th! There are just a few spaces left now...

This Course is Accredited by the International Practitioners Of Holistic Medicine.


Come and Explore your Primal Natural Connection to the Earth through mankind's oldest form of spiritual practice, Shamanism.

Pre-Book to reserve your space for this Online Shamanic Practitioner Course. On July 9th you will receive full access to the Course.

Experience the Nourishment of Heart Focused Earth Based Shamanic Practices and Teachings that gain you Knowledge, Healing, Spiritual Self-Development, and Mastery.

Restore Vitality and Flow back into your life Creative Essence and Power with this Online Shamanic Practitioner Course. This Course has Life time Access!

This Online Shamanic Practitioner Course has Nine Modules that contain extensive written text 85 Training Videos that include Guided Healing Demonstrations, Educational Talks, Guided Meditations and Guided Shamanic Journeys.

The Course is designed to be completed in six to nine months, however if you wish to complete the Course at your own pace you can take up to two years to complete the Course. If finishing the Course in 9 months its recommended to spend around 2 hours per week on the Course. When you purchase this course you will gain instant lifetime access on the Course launch date. 

This Course teaches Core Shamanism which encompasses both Celtic and Native American Traditions. It is offered to all who are ready and willing to embark on a Journey of Positive Transformation and Personal Growth. 


Live Zoom Training Sessions


There are Nine Monthly Ninety Minute Live Online Shamanic Workshops Zoom sessions included with this Course that will be held 10.30am - 12pm on a weekend, see dates below.


2024 Dates



July 21st

August 11th

September 21st

October 12th

November 23rd

December 14th



2025 Dates


January 18th

February 8th

March 8th




The live Online Shamanic Workshops via Zoom are optional as all teachings and trainings to become a qualified Shamanic Healing Practitioner are included within this Online Shamanic Practitioner Course. Live Workshops will be recorded to re-watch afterwards.

There is a Facebook Group for students to join to be able to connect, share and post. Also you will have the option to book in for extra Online Mentoring from Gaia Evalyn Love. 


Course Syllabus


Module One Topics - What is Shamanism, Becoming a Shamanic Practitioner, Shamanic Journeying & Cosmology, Creating Sacred Space & Calling The Directions, Shamanic Ceremony & Ritual, Shamanic Tools, Daily Power Practices


Module Two Topics - Humans History & Relationship with Animals, Power Animals & Animal Guides, How to meet with your Power Animal, Spirit Guide Animal & Shadow Animal, Human Spirit Guides & Shamanic Teachers in Human Form, Storytelling & Shamanism, Omens and Signs


Module Three Topics - Shamanic Protection, Shamanic Protection Meditations, Psychic Attack, Forgiveness & Cutting Cords, Rattle Healing, Chanelling Healing Energy from Guides and Helpers


Module Four Topics - Shadow Work, Soul Retrieval, Power Retrieval


Module Five Topics - Shamanism & Nature, Working with the Tree Spirits, Connecting with Nature & Nature Spirits


Module Six - Extraction, Psycopomp Work and Fluid Extraction, House Clearing


Module Seven Topics - Runes, How To Read Runes, Astral Travel & Astral Projection


Module Eight Topics - Manifestation, Ancestral Healing, Curse Unravelling


Module Nine Topics - Shamanic Distance Healing, The Shamanic Healing Session,  Case Studies, Teaching Shamanic Workshops, Promoting your Shamanic Services



Once you have completed the Course Online and emailed me your case studies for marking, you will be posted your Shamanic Practitioner Certification. Your Certification is accredited by the International Practitioners of Holistic Medicine IPHM and by Earth Heart Shamanism. After receiving your certificate you will then be able to obtain insurance and start charging for Shamanic Healing Sessions and or Shamanic Workshops if you wish.


To gain your certification you are required to complete nine case studies towards the end of the Course. The case studies are Nine hours of you practicing Shamanic Healings, House Clearings or Shamanic Distance Healings that you have done. You will need a friend, partner or family member to practice on for your case studies. Case studies can either be handwritten or typed up. Full details about how to do your Case studies are in Module Nine.




One of the most important investments in your life is in the evolution of your consciousness and your own personal growth. This Online Shamanic Practitioner Course will give you the tools to heal yourself and others through ancient Shamanic knowledge passed down throughout the ages. The positive transformation you will receive from completing this Course is immense.



·         Become more Grounded and Centred in your day-to-day life

·         Feel more Empowered and Connected to your Sacred and Divine Origins.

·         Develop your Psychic and Intuitive faculties.

·         Feel more at one with Mother Earth and the Cosmos.

·         Be able to live your life in a more Heart Centred way.

·         Be guided, protected, healed, and advised by your Guides such as Power Animals, Humans Spirit Guides and Ancestral guides.

·         Have the Shamanic Skills and knowledge to perform Shamanic Healings on yourself and others

·         Be able to conduct Shamanic Ceremonies and Rituals

·         Be able to perform Shamanic Distance Healings

·Have the skills and knowledge to teach Shamanic Workshops and  Facilitate Shamanic Journey Circles




''I have been involved with Spiritualism for over 20 years, but only discovered the wonderful world of Shamanism in January 2021. I completed numerous online courses covering the basics of Shamanism, but then became a little frustrated, as I could not find the right course to fully develop this healing modality. However, in August 2021 I discovered Gaia’s Online Practitioner Course, which provided me with all the resources to progress to the desired Shamanic Practitioner level. This course is comprised of nine progressive modules, which guide the student from the very basics of Shamanism to the more advanced aspects of this ancient practice. I have also enjoyed attending Gaia’s online ‘live’ workshops, which are include as part of the course. From a financial point of view, I think this course is excellent value for money, especially when compared to other online shamanic training courses. Even though I have now completed this course, I know that I can revisit the course work and exercises, whenever I choose to do so. Having now completed numerous shamanic training courses, I can honestly say this course is head and shoulders above the rest. Highly recommended.''

Elwyn. J


"I am so blessed to have taken Gaia's Shamanic Practitioner Course. Gaia was a very competent and kind teacher and the course included the right amount of resources in various different formats in order for me to feel confident to start my own Shamanic Practitioner Business. All the information was incredibly interesting, and the exercises helped me put into practice everything I was learning. The accompanying group zoom sessions were also an added help. This course has really helped me fulfil my role here on Earth of being able to help other people heal. I am incredibly grateful to Gaia.''

Andrew, N

''The most beautifully written & transformative course i have ever been blessed to embark on!
Extreme positive shifts are happening as a result! I can’t recommend this course enough, and Gaia explains all so well… she is a beautiful and very clear shamanic teacher, who i am proud and blessed to have found..
Thank you Gaia for the work you have put into creating this amazing life changing course..
Highly highly recommended'' Hayley. W




Upon completion of this Course you will receive a certificate in the post and be able to obtain Insurance to start your Shamanic Practice!



This is Online Shamanic Practitioner Course has been created and brought to you to you by Gaia Evalyn Love, Shamanic Practitioner, Teacher and Workshop Facilitator. Gaia has awakened countless people through Shamanic Wisdom and has been teaching Shamanic workshops, Ceremonies and facilitating Healing sessions for over fifteen years. Gaia is a Powerful Healer and Ancient Soul who comes from an Ancestral lineage of Healers and Psychics through her Matriarchal bloodline.


Course Investment

Pre book to reserve your space on this course. The Investment of this Course is a one time Purchase of £295, see PayPal button below.

You can also prebook in with two monthly instalments of £150. Your first £150 instalment will reserve your space. The second monthly instalment can be made in August. It's also possible to book in with four monthly instalments of £75, please email me for this option.

Early Booking is advised because this Course has limited spaces.

Payments can be made via credit or debit card via the buttons below. Upon Booking your space will be full reserved.


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Sample Course Videos
Guided Nature Meditation
Guided Power Retrieval Shamanic Journey

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