How To Meet Your Shamanic Power Animal Part One

Shamanic Healing & Power Animals


Shamanism is mankind’s most ancient form of spiritual practice and closed related to Animism. The shamans’ power is directly  connected to their power animals, these animal allies, spirit guides and helpers and assist the shaman with many shamanic healing processes ad arduous tasks. It is said by many shamans that we are assigned a power animal at birth and have many power animals that come and go throughout our lives. This can be due to trauma, neglect or a change in personal vibration which causes you to attract a new power animal.


Acquiring a power animal is an extremely important part of practicing shamanism and without the power animal the shaman would be unable to perform his or healing tasks. The shaman offers the power animal respect and honor in exchange for the guidance and assistance and protection the power animal gives. To meet and acquire your power animal first listen to a shamanic drumming track or have someone else drum for around ten – fifteen minutes before your shamanic journey. The drumming must be around 180 beats per minute. This is necessary because it takes the brain this long to get in to theta brainwave which is required to go on a shamanic journey. If you can is best to all use all of the five senses during shamanic journeying to increase the awareness and quality.

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A lot of shamanism training is required before one can feel advanced at journeying and it also takes much time to build the relationships and therefore greater trust between you and your power animal. Everyone receives messages in different ways during a journey, some people are hears messages, other see, others have a knowing or just a feeling or combination.

Begin by setting an intention for the journey; in this journey the intention will be to meet your shamanic power animal, you may have other specific intentions such as getting advice on a particular issue. You will be journeying to the lower world in non ordinary reality NOR also called the dream time. The lower world is filled with nature landscapes such as forests or desert and the power animal you meet may be any animal but not be a domesticated one.

Read Part two for the find out the shamanic journey process to meet your power animal.

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