How to Meet Your Shamanic Power Animal Part Two

The Shamanic Journey

Everyone receives messages in different ways during a shamanic journey, some people hear messages, other see, others have a knowing or just a feeling or combination.Entering the shamanic lower world is usually done through a hole in the ground, hollow tree or cave, After listening to shamanic drumming at around 180 beats per minute for ten mutes or so visualize this entrance in your mind use your five senses to make it real, you then enter a funnel of hollow tube which transports you down in to the lower world.

Entering The Lower World

Feel yourself falling down and down the funnel and hear the whooshing sounds, let go and relax in to to the journey process. You have ended up in a cave and begin to walk put of the cave into the light, what do you sense or see? What nature landscapes? Go out and explore the landscape remembering the your intention to meet your power animal. If you have seen the same animal three times during your journey then it is your power animal be sure to ask it first to confirm, you can also ask the four directions in the journey for confirmation of this. Once meeting your power animal take the time to merge with the animals being, feel its power, representational of its entire species. Everyone’s journey is different you may go off riding on it’s back or simply spend time in contemplation receiving guidance and healing. Thank your Power Animal Ask the power animal to return with you to this Reality.

Honoring Your Power Animal

Once meeting your power animal in exchange for their assistance in many areas including shamanic healing, it is important to honor and create and strong relationship and bond with them. This honoring can be done in several ways singing, dancing, visiting them in NOR, asking for guidance regularly, wearing jewelry depicting the animal spirit guide or creating artwork.

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