Shamanic Healing

Shamanism and shamanic healing comes from an ancient deep rooted tradition. The method is extremely powerful resolving the cause of the effect of a particular issue.  Gaia Evalyn Love comes from from an ancestral lineage of healers. Second sight also runs in her ancestral heritage. Gaia is an Empath, Clairaudient, Clairvoyant, and Claircognizant. When becoming a ‘The hollow Bone’ and a healing conduit for others she receives psychic messages visions and impressions that are in relation to what is being healed.

'After having a shamanic healing with Gaia my anxiety issues have disappeared! Gaia truly walks with spirit and is gifted in the practice of shamanic healing' Gill H

'I had a soul retrieval session with Gaia and now am a totally different better person, before I felt listless and was always felt empty and like there was something missing. Now that my soul is more whole I feel alive, grounded and more empowered to achieve my goals' Jackie T

'After moving in to our new house, we felt an eerie sensation at times like we were being watched and parts of our house were cold for no reason, the lights and other electrical appliances seemed to flicker even though we had just changed the bulb. I called Gaia to do a clearing, it turned out the previous resident died in the house and had no been able to pass on to the others side, using her psycopomp skills and spirit guides Gaia guided the spirit to the other side and also did a house clearing of other displaced low vibrational energies in our home, We have had no incidents since! Thank you Gaia ' Samuel P

Shamanic Healing in Glastonbury

The Shamanic Healings Gaia practices usually involve a variety of the shamanic healing techniques described below. These ancient healing methods can bring about enormous positive change in your life.

Gaia offers Shamanic Healings at £69 for one hour in Glastonbury. Sessions are full confidential and involve a variety of techniques such as extraction, soul retreival, power retreival, power animal retreival and energy re- balancing. Please contact gaia at to enquire and book in.


Shamanic Intuitive Reading

Gaia begins each session with doing a client consultation, information form and Shamanic Intuitive Reading.

Soul Retrieval

We all have been through traumatic incidents, some more than others. In such traumas such as an accident or abuse part of our soul or life essence gets lost. This does serve a purpose and help initially but having a soul fragments lost one can feel disempowered, lost, and unable to reach your full potential due to the misplaced soul energy. Soul retrieval is powerful changing work, which makes you feel more whole as the dissociated parts of your soul or vital essense return to you.

Cord Cutting

This involves removing and cutting psychic ethereal energy cords that are connected to and another, person, place or thing that are draining of your life force energy or that you are receiving psychic attack from.

Ancestral Healing

The type of shamanic practice heals any unresolved emotional issues from your ancestry. The memories such emotional issues are actually carried through the DNA and can have a major impact on your life causing blocks in the free flow of energy and disharmony within your life.

Power Retrieval

We can lose our own power through stress, day to day troubles of modern life, illness or troubled relationships with others. The shaman then travels in to the lower world to retrieve the clients power animal. This power animal will usually represent what the client has attributes the client has lost and needs to restore.

Spirit Extraction/Intrusion/Entity removal

This involves removing physical or blocked energy from the energetic body. We may have attracted certain entities or spirit attachments through trauma, which can leaves holes and wounding in our auras. Excessive drug and alcohol use can also cause such energies to attach as well as unresolved emotional issues. Having such energies can leave us feel blocked in life and quite simply not ourselves. They can even have a detrimental effect on our health and vitality.

Energy Re – balancing

This involves balancing the chakra system and energetic pathways in the body. The strengthens the mental and emotional bodies thus affecting the physical body. The body remembers everything you have been through and this directly can have an impact on its energetic bodies. This practice effectively releases any blocks energy in the body restoring flow of energy back in to your life.

Death/Dying Psycopomp

The type of shamanic healing involves assiting souls who need guidance after the transition and also people who are just about to make the cross over to the other side. Yet a psycopomp is not considered to be a medium. This is generally. This type of shamanic healing can also assist those who let go of deceased loved ones. This can also be done for land healing, for example on a former battlefield

Land Healing

Every place on earth carries an energetic imprint of what happens in that particular location in the soil, water and the air. A region that has been at war or a house where there has been much negative energy build up, another example is a motorway that keeps having one accident after another in the same place. This kind shamanic practice involves healing the spirit of the land.

House Clearing

Energy can become stagnant in houses particularly as the shape of houses are square or rectangle rooms which trap energy. A house may have a lot of negative energy that has been build up over time and then the new occupiers make start to argue more due to that energy. Or a house may not able to sell due to such energies. A house also may be inhabited by those who have passed away there and have not been able to pass over to the side, remaining stuck in the house. By doing a house clearing using shamanic techniques the spirit is successfully able to cross over the other side. Contact me at to book in a house clearing.


Hand Fastings

Hand Fasting WorkshopI also hold offer Earth centered Celtic handfastings. A hand fasting is an ancient celtic marriage ritual, a symbolic way to represent your union as a couple which involves tying a piece of cord or ribbon around joined hands. Handfastings are usually conducted in nature. A unique bespoke ritual ceremony will be created which reflect your desires and aspirations; furthermore it can also represent your own beliefs system and personalities. The elements of Earth, Fire, Air and Water are called upon to cast blessings upon the couple. The ritual enables us to get in touch with the life force within ourselves, to access the energies of the living earth and to sense interconnectedness with all life.

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