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Hi, I’m Gaia Evalyn love, Shamanic Practitioner and Transpersonal Therapist using the Shamanic Method. I facilitate Shamanic Training and Shamanic Workshops at Yurt in the City, Cardiff, Wales as well as Online. Since a very young age I’ve been fascinated with nature and esoteric wisdom. I recognized within me a burning desire to evolve my consciousness. Raising my own level of awareness and personal vibration as well as those of others is of paramount importance to me. I have been practicing Shamanism and Holistic therapies for over fifteen years and am very passionate about teaching, healing and helping others.


I come from a lineage of healers from my mothers family line and have also been gifted with a ‘second sight’ that also runs in my matriarchal ancestral heritage. I am an empath, Clairvoyant, Clairaudient and Claircognizant. When becoming a healing conduit for others I receive visions, psychic messages and impressions that are in relation to what is being healed.

My true love of nature led me to begin my Shamanic Path many years ago and I have trained with several Shamanic teachers, which include Sarah Howcroft and have also completed training with Barry Musgrave, Leo Rutherford and Howard & Esta Malpas. in addition to this have received healing and guidance from ingesting several Shamanic Teacher Plants. The path of Shamanism is a self experimental and practical, the ancient practice has led me to a true connection with source.

I am also qualified in other healing modalities such as Hypnotherapy, NLP, TFT & Reiki.

Join me on a journey of Shamanic Wisdom Teachings that will empower, expand and evolve your consciousness leading to a better quality of life.

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