Working With the Tree Spirits


Working With the Tree Spirits Workshop

Next Workshop Date To Be Announced

10 am – 4pm

This is a one day workshop held in a beautiful forest in South Wales.

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Working With the Tree Spirits Workshop


Welcome. Come join us and explore your primal natural connection to the Earth through mankind’s oldest form of spiritual practice, Shamanism.
Experience the nourishment of heart focused community building and earth based shamanic practices and teachings which gain you knowledge, healing, spiritual self-development and mastery.
This is a one day workshop held in a beautiful Forest Park in South Wales.
Workshop Overview
Teachings about physical and spiritual properties of trees & Plants
How to connect with Nature and the land
How to work and journey with tree spirits or Dryads
Tree Healing
Meditation and trees
Shamanic Techniques to heal Earth’s energies
Journeying in to the lower world to merge with Power Tree and Animal Ally
You will receive teachings about elemental spirits the co creative makers and keepers of matter, various kinds of nature spirits such as undines and sylphs as well as guardian spirits of the land.
Please bring your own packed lunch and drink.
We are meeting in the free car park of Cefn Onn Park, Cardiff, Lisvane, CF14 0EP. 

Terms & Conditions of this Booking – Please note this Booking is Non – Refundable. If  the event is cancelled due to weather your entry is transferred to a future Earth Heart Shamanism Day Workshop  such as Introduction To Shamanism, the Way Of The Shaman or Rise. Please click on the list below to view the future day workshop dates.
Alternatively your entry can be transferred to a one hour video skype Shamanic Training & Rune Reading.
There are limited spaces left now for this Working With The Tree Spirits Workshop. Book in to reserve your place.
Really looking forward to it
Gratitude & Blessings
Gaia Evalyn Love